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Same regulation for an entity that protects the environment and another one that exploits it? What the hell! "Jennifer Morgan, the executive director for Greenpeace International, said Bolsonaro’s attitude to the Amazon was one of the biggest threats to the environment. 'We’re working with allies, and we’ll work to defend everything that we can because the Amazon isn’t just an amazing forest, it’s the lungs of the earth and it plays an incredibly important role in climate,' she said." (Source: The Guardian) "The country's indigenous peoples, meanwhile, are not putting up with Bolsonaro's accusations and fiercely oppose his plans. Leaders of the indigenous Apurina and Aruak Baniwa communities penned an open letter dismissing the allegation of NGO manipulation and instead criticized the government's inefficient policies towards Brazil's indigenous peoples." (Source: Deutsche Welle) ⤵️">